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 Personalized Boat Log

With Your Own Title & Cover Photo!

Boat Log Sample cover

Get this great boat logbook with your boat's photo and name on the cover! Simply send us your digital photo and cover text, and we do the rest.

"Your Boat Log" is a comprehensive logbook for sail or power, designed by two long time cruising sailors.


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** A personalized Boat Log makes a great gift **


Here's what our customers are saying -

"... I absolutely LOVED it!! Thanks!! - Joanne B.

Boat Log Features
  • Sturdy Spiral Binding

  • Waterproof Laminated Cover

  • Printed on heavyweight paper

  • Cruise planning format

  • Captain's and First Mate's log

  • Engine Log

  • Boat Maintenance tracking

and much more! 102 pages in all.


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 boat log cover - power   boat log cover power cruiser

A great log for cruising and keeping  records of our trips.. Brian S.

The logbook I gave my husband was a wonderful surprise for him. Thank you so much for a beautiful gift. Lisa F.


Our boat log book is designed to be used for both sail and power boats. With over one hundred pages you can record the details of lots of cruising trips. There are also plenty of helpful tips and specific log pages to help you keep track of all of the maintenance work on your boat.

Our boat logs also make great souvenirs that you can look back on in the years ahead.  Many of our customers re-order more logs as the time goes by.

We have been publishing our personalized boat logs for over fifteen years and our satisfied customers can vouch for our great product and our customer service.


Why Use a Boat Log?

With electronic chart plotters so common nowadays may people wonder why we need to keep a boat log at all. Although keeping a logbook is not legally required for pleasure boats in North America,  the primary reason  is for safety and back-up. Should anything happen, it can serve to provide information for outside assistance, or to switch to manual navigation if the boat’s electronics fail.

A Trip Planning section (like the one in our personalized boat log) is also a good safety feature.

Here's a story to illustrate this; on a blustery day in the Penobscot Bay area we had just sailed south past Isleboro Island when we suddenly got hit by 30 knot gusts as we rounded the southern tip of the island. Our GPS was on the blink and I was up reefing the main (yes – we should have done this sooner!) when the helmsman called out which side of the green buoys should we pass? “Leave them on your left” I replied, which was contrary to convention since we were technically headed out to sea.

Being an old salt he naturally disagreed. So here we were, heeled over to the max, the main half way reefed and closing in fast on the buoys. After a frantic dash below to verify the chart we were able to get by without hitting anything. After that I always wrote down details of our intended course in the boat log before leaving.

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