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Log Book Samples

Covers and inside pages

sample running log cover

Above is an example of the running log book cover design for the Toronto Longboat Running Club.


sample cycling log cover stock photo

This is a personalized cycling log using one of our stock cover photos

sample fitness journal cover

This format is good for photos taken in landscape mode that fill the entire cover. This is an example of the Fitness Journal cover.

running log portrait mode cover

This format is used for photos taken in portrait mode

Inside pages

The logbook pages are specific to each type of sport. They have been designed by athletes so you can capture all the key information you need.

1. Cycling Log

example of the cycling log inside pages


2. Fitness Log

fitness journal inside page example

Also included are useful workout and nutrition tips.

3. Running Log

running log inside page example

See more Running Log pages here

4. Triathlon Log

Up to three activities can be tracked each day

triathlon log inside page sample

Above is an example of a non-dated log, where you would write in the dates. For any log type, you can choose between the non-dated or calendar version with the dates pre-printed. The calendar logs can start any month of the year you choose.

We have been producing personalized logbooks for almost twenty years and our customers really love them!

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