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  Your Boat Log
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Get this great boat log with your boat's photo and name on the cover!
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"Your Boat Log" is a comprehensive logbook designed by two long time cruising sailors. It contains may useful features including:

PersonalLogs Sturdy Spiral Binding
PersonalLogs Waterproof Laminated Cover
PersonalLogs Printed on heavyweight paper
PersonalLogs Cruise planning format
PersonalLogs Captain’s and First Mate’s log
PersonalLogs Engine Log
PersonalLogs Boat Maintenance tracking
PersonalLogs and much more! 102 pages in all.
Table of Contents & Sample pages
PersonalLogs Owner Information and Boat Specifications
PersonalLogs Cruise Planning & Deck Logs
PersonalLogs Captain’s Log/First Mate’s log
PersonalLogs Engine Log
PersonalLogs Maintenance Logs
PersonalLogs Names & Addresses
PersonalLogs Guest Log
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"Your Boat Log" is published by Personal Logs.com. We have designed this log based on our own sailing experiences. We have been sailing since 1986, starting out as part owners of a 26' Thunderbird on the beautiful Saint John River system in eastern Canada. We then spent several great years sailing the coast of Maine. After that we took the plunge and invested in a charter boat in the Grenadines where we have sailed since 1999. Our most recent adventure took us up the Caribbean chain from Grenada to the British Virgin Islands.

We have tried to combine in "Your Boat Log" the best elements we have used from other logbooks in the past. We used a landscape format based on the need to provide ample space for your own comments in addition to all of the usual record keeping requirements. There is also plenty of space for you to add items which are specific to your boat.

"Your Boat Log" contains many useful sections, with an explanation at the beginning of each one. We particularly like our combined Planning/Deck log pages that let you lay out your intended trip leg by leg and then record your actual progress on the same page. Cruising couples will appreciate the section for both the Captain and First Mate’s log entries.

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