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What Makes A Good Marathon Training Schedule?

By Mike Stapenhurst

marathon running

More and more people are running marathons these days. But many of them struggle to complete the challenging 26.2-mile event. Selecting the right training schedule to follow is a huge factor in deciding how well a runner will finish the race.

Which Training Level are you at?

Many marathon training programs have different mileage schedules for each level of training. Before choosing a training program you need to pick your category:


If you feel you are borderline between two categories, start out with the harder one and if it becomes too stressful, switch back to the easier option.

The Key Factors:

Here are the main things to look for in selecting a marathon training program

marathon training - finish line


The bottom line is to pick a program that matches your abilities and follows the above guidelines. It's easy for beginner marathoners especially to get drawn into training programs that are really too ambitious for their level of experience. This is true even for those folks who can run fairly fast 10K races.

Following the suggestions above will help you follow a marathon training program that will help you succeed even if it's your first time!


About the Author:

Mike is a long-time runner who has completed more than 30 marathons including Boston and New York. Mike is co-owner of Personal Logs.com a publisher of personalized training logbooks for recreational athletes.

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