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Are you trying to improve your Cycling Performance Level?

If so then you need to record the details of your workouts. Keeping a bike log is the ideal way to do this. I have found that if I don't record my progress sometimes it feels like I'm not advancing at all.

The nice thing about a log is you can look back and see your results over time. If you are going to participate in any road races, especially the longer distances then a log book is essential to aid you in planning and following your training program, This is the best method to help you get prepared for the event. Following are some of the notes you can keep that will help you in your training.

Things To Track

The basic details you want to record in your log are:

A cyclists log is also useful for recording things like:

Other Information

Besides the above you can also record other useful information in your log. This includes things like:

A Log Can Help To Prevent Injuries

Use your cycling log to keep a check on injuries by recording any pain you might have felt during a ride. If you do get injured review your log over the past weeks to look for possible causes. This can provide good information for fixing the problem and also for helping you to avoid it again.

Online Logs

So where can you get a log? There are several online cycling logs and apps many of which are free. They go from the fairly simple to including things like graphs, training programs and much more. If you’re a ‘numbers’ person you will like the statistics provided by apps like Strava.

Cycling Log Books

There are a few of these available also. I prefer a hard-copy log book over the online versions because you can add all the additional information about your rides as earlier mentioned in this article. My own favorite is a customized cycle log book from Personal Logs.com. They produce a logbook with your name and photo on the cover. This can be a great motivator and it's also good for cycling clubs and teams.